Expressive Dance: Parvaneh's Method

Fall Program 2008

Cultural dances: Irish, Flamenco, Persian, East Indian, Arabic, African
Modern dance: Exploring strength and flexibility of the body and spirit on an individual and group level with dignity and respect to self and others
Inspirational Writings with powerful imagery, enhancing individual and group choreography
Cooling down with few yoga postures and a brief guided meditation/relaxation
Special Guests: Almonte drummers

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Creative Movement through Bellydancing

Modern Dance

Youth Dance Workshop

Personal Yoga Assessment

From My Students:

Parvaneh Bellydance"When I was little, I used to dance all around all the time. Then life happened and I didn't dance as freely. I didn't know I needed to reconnect to that free time. The first time I went, I didn't know what to expect. I go regularly now because I can go there feeling sad or mad and I just dance that emotion right out. I love the no competition in that dance group. I feel beautiful, strong and confident when I am finished dancing for the night. Ah thank you Parvaneh, you have been the bringer of joy to my life."- Deb

"Your dance classes have become a treasured part of my life. I love that it is a wonderful creative outlet as well as a great workout. I have seen improvements in strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. More than that though, I love that women have been dancing to music like this for a thousand years, dancing in community and joy and celebration. No match for a stationary bike. Thanks" - Kim